Rio Steam Charged Facial Sauna Spa

Indulge yourself with a spa steam treatment from the comfort of your home with the Rio Steam Charged Facial Sauna Spa. Warm steam harnesses multiple benefits to the health and beauty of your skin, and when aromatherapy oils are added, provides a sensorial soothing. The ritual helps open up pores to remove build-up and impurities clogging them, and with the interchangeable steam inhaler attachments, acts as a decongesting treatment for blocked sinuses. Offering two adjustable settings for steam intensity, the device helps promote circulation and draw out sebum trapped in follicles. Softening whitehead and blackhead plugs, it helps release them from follicular openings while also loosening the ‘cement’ that binds dead skin cells to the skin surface of skin. Doing this regularly aids in deeper absorption of skincare actives and healthy regeneration. Contents: Facial sauna attachment Steam inhaler attachment Essential oil vaporiser attachment Handy measuring cup Instructions

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